Willie, Part 1


It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, but life’s been pretty busy on the day-job front. All good! However, I do have the first few pages from an original screenplay I’m working on, tentatively titled Willie. It’s a horror movie, and I’m not 100 per cent happy with what I’ve got here, but it’s a start . . .


The creepy Featured Image is courtesy of Fivedollarkitty.



CLOSE ON: A cloudless, cold sky. Nothing by stars. Slowly we CRANE down to reveal trees the colour of fall guarding a block of mid-60s houses. We PAN to one house in particular. A variation on the cathedral entry home. As we DOLLY in, the front door opens and a tall blonde, plain but pretty, steps out. She’s dressed in jeans, leather boots and a warm jacket and scarf. Her name is Amanda.

AMANDA (To whoever is inside)

OK, guys, I’m going.

A tall, blue-collar looking guy with a brush cut steps into the doorway. He’s cuddling with a blonde-haired boy of about five. The guy is Amanda’s husband, Aaron, and the boy is their son, Curtis.


Alright, babe. Have a good walk. Should be done with bath time by the time you get back.

Amanda kisses Aaron and gives Curtis’s hair a tussel.


See you for story time, bud.

There’s a quick round of hugs and kiss and then Amanda ventures off. She switches on her iPOd, and we hear BUTTERFLY KNIFE by Emma through her ear buds.

We TRACK Amanda as she walks and listens for a good minute. She finishes one long street and continues down another, passing similar houses to hers. Some have Halloween decorations lit up on the lawn.

Slowly, Amanda’s iPod starts to lose power, the song FADING into silence.



She fiddles with the iPod as she takes a few more steps. Then she, like us, realize another set of FOOTSTEPS have joined ours. These are of the HEAVY BOOT variety, and are walking up behind us.

Amanda steps onto a lawn to let whoever is behind her pass. The FOOTSTEPS stop, so she figures her follower has turned into one of the homes, and heads off.

A few paces in, the FOOTSTEPS once again come at her from behind.

Amanda keeps walking, the FOOTSTEPS keep a perfect pace. At first, she doesn’t think anything of it, but they continue behind her as she travels into a newer subdivision. She tries to take a couple of casual glances over her shoulder, but can’t make out who is behind her.

A corner is turned, and the FOOTSTEPS move from behind Amanda and across the street. She peers over, not wanting to be rude, and notices a tall man in a hoodie, his face hidden.

Instead of turning into a house, the Hooded Figure clocks Amanda, keeping pace with her on the other side of the street. She turns another corner, and the Hooded Figure does the same.

Amanda walks faster, so does her “new friend.” Amanda fumbles through her pockets, glancing over at the Hooded Figure across the street beside her. She’s looking for her phone, but it’s not there.


Oh, come on!

She crosses another intersection. The Hooded Figure makes a left and disappears into the night, its FOOTSTEPS echo away with it.

Amanda lets out a SIGH OF RELIEF and relaxes a little as she heads down this block. She pauses and looks over her shoulder a few times, just to be sure she isn’t followed. There is no one behind her. In fact, she’s the only one out and about at all.

Another crossroads is passed, another lonely street ventured. Amanda lets herself relax a bit, even smiles and enjoys the night. She takes in the surroundings. Nothing but rows of houses, families all lined up. There’s a BREEZE, some leaves BLOW DOWN THE BLOCK.

Then there’s the CLOMP, CLOMP, CLOMP of footsteps behind her. Right behind her!

Amanda turns, and there is the Hooded Figure LUMBERING up behind her, gorrila-like arms swinging side to side in front of him . . . Or it! S

tartled, Amanda picks up the pace — a lot! She breaks almost into a run, but doesn’t. The Hooded Figure follows, keeping a safe distance, but keeps a perfect pace. She speeds up, so does the Hooded Figure. She slows down, well, you get the point.

Amanda turns back onto her street and walk/runs home. She turns into her driveway and hides in the dark of the carport, behind her SUV. From there, she watches as the Hooded Figure stalks past her driveway, looking straight ahead, and eventually disappears into the dark.

Amanda waits a beat, then two, before she rushes to her front door, fumbles to unlock it, and heads inside.


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