Review: Wonder Woman (2017)


I love movies. I really do! And for years my bro Shawn and I reviewed them on We Came from the Basement, a radio show/podcast that ran for six seasons. We’re in the process of bringing The Basement back to life, and I’ve decided that whatever reviews I post to our Facebook page, I will duplicate here for those who don’t follow what we’re slinging.

I keep the reviews short, because I don’t have much time for the jibber jabber. I try to get right to the point. So here goes:

I was originally going to pass on Wonder Woman, having hated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and only marginally not hated Suicide Squad. The DCU was 0-2 in my books. But Wonder Woman changed all that.

This is a great flick on its own terms, and almost — I repeat ALMOST — makes up for the crapfest that is those other two DCU movies. Gal Gadot is spectacular as Wonder Woman, making her a hero you legitimately want to root for. She’s a decent human being who is also as tough as she is beautiful. Her chemistry with Chris Pine, who has never been better, is wonderful to watch.

Actually, the whole movie is so well put together, I even forgave the silly God Vs God ending (I hate stuff like that). This is an old-fashioned adventure movie with a heart and soul first, and a super-hero movie second, and that’s why it works so well in my books. Go See This Movie!

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