Jason Hewlett was five years old when his parents took him to see Star Wars at a local drive-in during the summer of 1977, and he was cursed to have a lifelong love affair with movies as soon as the film started. That love eventually led him to Vancouver Film School, where he graduated with a degree in film studies in 1995, a cinematographer credit on the award winning documentary Sky Hospital and a gig as an assistant director on the short film Lula’s Kitchen.

For six years, Jason was co-host of the Canadian campus radio show/podcast We Came from the Basement, where he and Shawn Knippelberg dissected B-grade horror and action movies, and interviewed such genre greats as Lance Henriksen (Aliens), Corey Feldman (The Lost Boys) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters), Friday the 13th composer Harry Manfredini, and New York Times Bestselling author Steve Alten (Meg). He continues to provide film facts and commentary for the CBC on a semi-regular basis.

Jason’s true filmmaking passion lies in screenwriting, and he’s written three scripts for John Fallon’s Bruise Productions. These include the action/horror hybrid The Shadowing, the buddy/cop flick Crossed Wires, and the horror/comedy The Boat. He’s currently writing the horror spec script Willie and working on his first novel, Out of the Dark.

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