This site has been a long time coming. Far too long! Why? Because I’m a writer, dammit, and I like to write! I write daily (journal for myself, a lot of report and marketing writing for my day job) but don’t get near enough time to write what I love to write — scripts and novels.

So this site is a motivator for me to do that. Here I will post segments from scripts I write and chapters/excerpts from books I am working on. I do commission work for Bruise Productions, but that work doesn’t belong to me, and protected by copyright, so it can’t be posted here. But anything that is mine is good to G-O!

It might take a day or two to get up and running, but please check back here and don’t be afraid to leave a comment. Just keep any criticism constructive and the kind you’d share if we were in a room face to face.

Thanks for checking out The Hewlett Chronicles. I promise I won’t disappoint 🙂

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